Drinking Water Source Protection OPA 98

Drinking Water Source Protection

In accordance with Section 40 of the Clean Water Act, the purpose of Official Plan Amendment No. 98 is to bring the County Official Plan into conformity with the relevant policies and map schedules of the Grand River; Credit Valley, Toronto and Region, and Central Lake Ontario (CTC); Saugeen, Grey Sauble, Northern Bruce Peninsula; Halton-Hamilton; and Maitland Valley Source Protection Plans as they apply to the County of Wellington. Specifically, the County Official Plan is required to conform with the applicable significant threats and land use policies set out in the individual Source Protection Plans. This Amendment also establishes a new "Communal Well Policy Area" to ensure a level of protection is maintained for existing communal wells in the Township of Puslinch that are currently identified in the County Official Plan.

This Amendment includes revised Schedules to the County Official Plan, which identifies Well Head Protection Areas (WHPAs), Intake Protection Zones (IPZs), and Issues Contributing Areas (ICAs) for each municipal water supply source in the County as mapped in the applicable Source Protection Plan. Well Head Protection Areas of private communal wells in Puslinch have been mapped using technical information obtained during the preparation of the Wellington County Groundwater Protection Study, 2006. A new Appendix to the County Official Plan, which identifies the Source Protection Plan Area boundaries for all applicable Source Protection Plans within the County, is also included.

The Draft Official Plan amendment was circulated for comments in March and a Public Meeting was held on April 21st, 2016. A number of comments were incorporated into the Final Draft of the Amendment (see below). The amendment was adopted by County Council on May 26, 2016.

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