Five Year Review (OPA 81)


Provincial law (the Planning Act) requires the County to undertake a review of it's Official Plan every five years to make sure that it is current with provincial legislation and conforms with Provincial Plans. The County Official Plan 5-Year Review started in February 2010 with a Special Meeting of County Council. Following that, there was consultation, open houses, and a public meeting.

County Council adopted Official Plan Amendment No. 81 (OPA 81) in September 2013. The province approved OPA 81 with some changes in April 2014 and it was appealed by four landowners. The Ontario Municipal Board issued an Order on December 19, 2014 with the following main outcomes:

  • One of the appeals (DRS in Morriston) was resolved;
  • The three remaining appeals were scoped to specific lands (Armel and Telfer Glen in Puslinch, and Hustonville in Moorefield)

Since the Board Order, the Telfer Glen and Hustonville appeals have been resolved. Aside from the Armel appeal, the remainder of OPA 81 is in effect.

In addition to bringing the County Official Plan into conformity with the Greenbelt Plan, OPA 81 dealt with a wide range of topics resulting in changes to most Official Plan sections and schedules. The sections below provide more information about each step in the process.

The updated version of the Official Plan that includes all of the OPA 81 changes that are in effect can be found below:

County Official Plan

If you have any questions about the 5-year review, or are having any difficulty accessing the material on this page, please contact:

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Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

On December 19, 2014 the Ontario Municipal Board issued an Order with respect to OPA 81. As a result of the Order, further modified by the Board, OPA 81 is in effect except on three sites which remain under appeal: Armel and Telfer Glen in Puslinch; and Hustonville in Mapleton.

Ontario Municipal Board Order - December 19, 2014

In terms of the 3 remaining appeals, the Board and the parties are working to finalize the timing and issues for prehearings and hearings.

Provincial Approval

The province issued its decision to approve OPA 81, with certain modifications, in April 2014.

OPA 81 - Notice of Decision

Council Adoption

On September 26, 2013, County Council adopted OPA 81 with a revision to the Cedar Valley Hamlet boundary and a policy change that all new or expanded mineral aggregate operations would require an Official Plan Amendment.

Notice of Adoption - Five Year Review

OPA 81 Council Adopted September 26, 2013

Companion Document Council Adopted OPA 81 September 26, 2013

Public Meeting and Circulation for Comments

The Revised Draft OPA 81 was circulated for comments in early May and the Public Meeting was held on May 28, 2013. Staff reviewed the input provided at the public meeting and written comments, and drafted a number of changes to the Final Draft Amendment. Staff recommended that County Council adopt the amendment and that staff be authorized to forward OPA 81 to the province for approval.

Revised Draft OPA 81

OPA Revised Draft (April 4, 2013)

Companion Document for Revised Draft OPA 81 (April 4, 2013)

Schedule C - Mineral Aggregate Resource Areas

Public Meeting

OPA 81 Public Meeting Presentation (May 28, 2013)

Notice of Official Plan Amendment 81 Public Meeting

When: Tuesday May 28, 2013 at 7:00pm

Where: Wellington Place, Aboyne Hall - 536 Wellington Road 18, located between Elora, and Fergus, Ontario

Open Houses

Open house meetings were held in September 2012. Materials available for review included: a number of display panels that summarized the main proposed changes; copies of the amendment text and schedules; a set of maps showing natural heritage and natural hazard updates; and a set of aerial maps showing the proposed settlement boundary corrections.

Additional work after the open houses focused on: mineral aggregate area policies; rural employment area policies; confirming proposed major roadways; prime to secondary agricultural area requests; notice to propane operators; provincial comments on settlement expansions, permitted uses in Prime Agricultural Areas, and natural heritage policies; and the effective date for lot creation policies in the Secondary Agricultural Area. This work was incorporated into a Revised Draft OPA 81 (April 4, 2013).

Notice of Open Houses

Open House Display Boards

Draft Official Plan Amendment 81 (August 9, 2012)

Document showing proposed policies with existing policies (as of August 9, 2012)

Planning Committee Reports:

PD2010-05 - Special Meeting of Council (January 2010)

PD2010-07 - Mapping Changes Under Consideration (January 2010)

PD2011-05 - Settlement Boundary Corrections (March 2011)

PD2011-10 - Proposed Environmental Policy Changes (April 2011)

PD2011-12 - Proposed Application Process and Site Plan Changes (May 2011)

PD2012-09 - Progress Report and 2012 Workplan (February 2012)

PD2012-10 - Aggregate Resources Mapping (February 2012)

PD2012-13 - Official Plan Review - Update and Discussion of Additional Issues (April 2012)

PD2012-14 - Public Meetings (May 2012)

PD2012-19 - Update on Policies for Input at Open Houses (June 2012)

PD2012-30 Official Plan 5-year Review - Open House Follow-up Report (December 2012)

PD2013-04 Official Plan Review - Draft Revisions in response to Preliminary Provincial Comments (February 2013)

PD2013-08 Official Plan 5-Year Review - Prime Agricultural Area Correction (February 2013) 

PD2013-11 Official Plan 5-Year Review - Severance Date (April 2013)

PD2013-13 Official Plan 5-Year Review (OPA 81) - Circulation and Public Meeting (April 2013)  

PD2013-18 OPA 81 Public Meeting Report

PD2013-24 OPA 81 Summary of Comments and Recommended Revisions

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