Wellington County Natural Heritage System


A natural heritage system (NHS) is a network of interconnected natural features and areas such as forests, lakes, rivers, valleylands and wetlands. These natural features provide many ecosystem services (e.g., pollination, clean water, soil erosion control) which support healthy communities. Natural heritage systems also provide many ecological functions (e.g., movement corridors for wildlife, biodiversity maintenance, and species at risk habitat) which contribute to sustainability.

Project Goal

This project is striving to identify a natural heritage system that best reflects the County of Wellington's natural heritage with a 'made in Wellington' approach that respects the balance between natural systems and the importance of agriculture and other land uses on the County landscape.

Public Input

On April 3, 2018 the public was invited to a drop-in format Open House to view the draft mapping, ask project team members questions about the project, and learn about stewardship opportunities for landowners.

This Open House marked the beginning of public input. If you would like to see the information that was displayed at the Open House, please see the links below.

Open House Information Boards

Open House Map Displays

Final Report

On September 27, 2018, Wellington County Council received a Final Report on the Wellington County Natural Heritage System. The report is posted below. The Wellington County Natural Heritage System can be used as an information support tool. The final report identifies some of the potential ways that the Natural Heritage System can be used for this purpose, for example, to support stewardship activities. Interactive mapping of the Wellington County Natural Heritage System can be found below. It should be noted that the mapping does not form part of the Official Plan.

Final Report

Interactive Map

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