OP-2016-09 Hidden Quarry

Township of Guelph/Eramosa - Proposed "Hidden Quarry"

An application to amend the County of Wellington Official Plan was submitted by James Dick Construction Limited (JDCL) for the property at Part of West ½ Lot 1, Concession 6, Township of Guelph/Eramosa. The purpose of the amendment is to add a new Mineral Aggregate Area designation to the subject lands to permit the establishment of a mineral aggregate operation (pit/quarry). 

Information related to this application is found below. Additional material and background information is also available from the Township of Guelph/Eramosa website:


Document Links:

Wellington County Official Plan Amendment Application - OP-2016-09

Draft Official Plan Amendment - November 2016

Consultant Compliance with Wellington County Official Plan 2016

Agricultural Impact Study (by Stovel and Associates)

Air Quality Assessment - Proposed Hidden Quarry Final Report (by RWDI)

Air Quality Assessment - Best Management Practices Plan for Dust (by RWDI)

Archaeological Assessment - Hidden Quarry Supplementary Information (by York North)

Archaeological Assessment - Stage I - II, Revised (by York North)

Blast Impact Analysis (by Explotech)

Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment (by George Robb Architect) 

Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment, Addendum 1 (by George Robb Architect) 

Economic Impact Analysis (by Altus Group)

Level I and II Hydrogeological Investigation (by Harden)

Level I and II Hydrogeological Investigation Appendices (by Harden)

Hidden Quarry Planning Policies (by Harden)

Level II Natural Environment Tecnical Report (by GWS)

Noise Impact Study (by Aercoustics)

Noise Impact Study Report Addendum #1 (by Aercoustics)

Planning Report (by Stovel and Associates Inc)

Hidden Quarry Site Plans (by Stovel and Associates Inc)

Traffic Impact Study, Revised (Cole Engineering)

Visual Impact Study (by JDCL)

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