Wellington Road 7 Bosworth Bridge (Mapleton) Environmental Assessment

The County of Wellington has initiated a Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study to confirm and document the existing structural deficiencies and identify alternative solutions, including rehabilitation or replacement of the Bosworth Bridge located south of Wellington Road 11 on Wellington Road 7.


The Bosworth Bridge is a single span, simply supported steel pony truss constructed in 1949 (71 years ago). The bridge was evaluated in 2008 by McCormack Rankin Corporation (MRC) at which time a load posting of 22t, 31t and 38t was determined to be required. Subsequent bracing of four deficient diagonals were added to improve the bridge capacity for unrestricted traffic.

Background Information

The bridge was rehabilitated in 1987 (33 years ago), 2008 (12 years ago) and 2013 (7 years ago)
which included:

  • Replacement of the north and south expansion joints (1987);
  • Coat structural steel (1987);
  • Reface abutments (1987);
  • Concrete overlay, waterproof and paving of deck (1987);
  • Install braces at compression diagonals to improve load capacity (2008);
  • Installation of shim plates underneath rocker bearing to level the deck with ballast wall (2013);

The “close-up” detailed visual inspection of the Bosworth truss bridge was completed by WSP on October 21st and 23rd, 2019. The inspection was carried out in accordance with the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) published in May 2018.

Based on the findings of this detailed visual inspection it has been noted that there are major elements of the Bosworth Bridge that are in an advanced state of deterioration and are approaching the end of their useful service life. These components are in need of maintenance, rehabilitation and/or replacement. In addition, there are several functional/operational deficiencies including substandard roadway width and sub-standard traffic barrier protection.

Bosworth Bridge EA Project Files

Additional Documentation

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