Closed Landfill Sites

The County of Wellington is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and environmental health and safety of 16 closed landfill sites. Five of these sites are still in use as Transfer Stations.

SWS staff inspect closed landfills on a quarterly basis to cover each season. Staff walk the sites to ensure any potential issues such as erosion, vegetation health, fence repair needs, or monitoring well repairs are recorded and scheduled for maintenance as soon as practical. Work also includes re-grading of any areas that have settled, or any areas of water ponding.

All closed sites have been environmentally sealed (see site remediation), fully fenced to Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) standards, and are maintained to various degrees (depending on their proximity to urban areas). For example, we cut grass for weed control and general appearance in urban areas, while natural practices are maintained in more rural areas.

As outlined in the Green Strategy, the County is currently reviewing options for a "Green" approach to longer term management. This approach considers different techniques to enhance wildlife habitat and general environmental health of these sites. Some methods under review are increased plantings of shrubs and trees, native grass species and pollinators, etc.

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