All of the County's waste facilities are monitored to maintain environmental health and ensure safe conditions. Any potential risks to those conditions are detected and responded to as soon as practical. Staff monitor according to established industry standards in consultation with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). The MECP reviews the results on an annual basis.


At the closed sites, a visual inspection occurs each season. All site groundwater monitoring wells are checked for a variety of potential chemical traces that could indicate impacts from landfill leachate (liquid residue from decomposing waste).

Surface water

Surface water samples are taken from storm ponds, local creeks and waterways to look for chemical traces from landfill leachate or suspended solids (soil) from erosion. Staff are checking for any potential surface water impacts flowing overland from the waste areas, or groundwater presenting itself at the surface.

Gas monitoring, air quality

Gas monitoring wells installed in and around sites help to determine if methane (landfill gas produced from waste decomposition) is developing on the landfill sites or near property lines. As well, air quality is checked for items such as dust or noise created from landfill operations to determine if any unacceptable conditions are developing.

Litterlitter pickup by staff

Staff perform litter collection at all active sites on a daily basis. All areas of the site, including portions not accessed by the public, are monitored on a continuous basis to ensure litter is collected.

General site conditions

General site conditions such as fencing, road quality, landscaping, vegetative health, and safe conditions for customer use occurs on a daily basis. Any issues identified are corrected immediately or as soon as practical.

The County strives to not only meet but exceed MECP expectations. The County's relationship with the MECP is unique in the province. The County conducts site tours with the MECP and holds annual update meetings to ensure the MECP is informed and maintain a partnership to ensure the environmental health of all waste facilities is protected.

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