COVID-19 Terrace Information and Updates


Please check back often for new information and updates.

Indoor Visiting: 

At this time no general visitors are permitted in the home.
Residents may have one Essential Caregiver visit at a time (with a maximum of two essential caregivers per resident)
  • Visiting hours are 10:30-6:30 daily.  No appointment is required.  
  • No resident outings or leave of absences permitted
  • Visiting should take place in the residents room only.
  • Pets are permitted provided that they are well behaved, vaccines are up to date and they are on a leash.  Please have your pet socialize only with your resident.  
  • No balcony, courtyard, dining room or living room visits at this time.
  • If you wish to take your loved one outside, please feel free to do so.  We ask that you travel directly between the resident's room to the outdoors.  Please keep in mind physical distancing requirements and avoid gathering with others.  
  • ALL essential items must be dropped off at the front door and held for 48 hours
  • Absolutely no food or drinks should be brought in for residents or visitors

Essential Caregivers:

Residents in Long Term Care Homes may designate a maximum of 2 individuals as Essential Caregivers.
  • Essential caregivers are defined by the Ministry as important partners in care who provide direct care to the resident such as helping with feeding, mobility, hygiene or cognitive stimulation.
  • They may be a family member or a friend or a privately hired paid companion that visits only Wellington Terrace.
  • All visitors will be screened on entry to the building and must follow the COVID testing protocols set by the Ministry of Health.
  • In an outbreak situation the home will be directed by public health on visiting, swabbing and infection control protocols.  
  • Visitors must wear a surgical mask and face shield (provided by the home) for the entire duration of their visit.  no food or drink is permitted.  
You may communicate to the home the 2 essential care givers who have been identified for your resident. You may do this by emailing Peg Muhlbauer, Assistant Administrator at or calling 519 846 5359 ext. 7240.
Changes to the essential caregiver list should only be made in response to the residents care needs or the availability of the caregiver.  All changes to the essential caregiver list need to be made in writing and planned prior to visiting the home. 
Visitors must wear a surgical mask and face shield (provided by the home) for the entire duration of their visit. No food or drink is permitted.
Essential Visitor Education:
Please review the following information prior to visiting the home as an essential caregiver.


Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid testing is a screening tool that is used to detect COVID in 15-20 minutes making it simpler and faster to identify potential COVID-19 positive cases that otherwise may have been missed. Rapid testing is considered highly effective in detecting those with enough virus to be considered infectious.

If you come to the home three or more days in a 7 day period (Sunday- Saturday) you will undergo rapid testing on non-consecutive days up to 3 times in that period. If you enter the home only once or twice in a 7 day period you will be tested on the “day of” regardless of whether the two days are consecutive days.

Testing will take place after you check in with the screener. A Terrace nurse will conduct the test for you in a private area in the fireside lounge. The test is a deep nasal swab. 

If the test is positive, it does not necessarily mean that you have COVID. It is classified as a preliminary positive. A second swab will need to be completed and sent for PCR testing at the lab to confirm the results. You will be directed to go straight home and self-isolate until we receive your lab result.

If the home goes into an outbreak status we will go back to PCR lab testing.

Testing will be available 7 days a week from 1030am until 5:30pm. No appointment is necessary at this time. If you come multiple times a week we kindly ask that you complete your testing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays whenever possible.


Are you looking for more information on the vaccines being offered in Ontario?  We have compiled a list of resources that may be helpful to those looking for more information to make an informed decision.  

“So, what’s in this vaccine?” – A blog post by Dr. Anne Marie Zajdlik

One Country AIDS Free: So, what's in this vaccine? (

Information about mRNA Vaccines:

COVID 19 Vaccine Fact Sheets (

  • Fact Sheet – COVID-19 vaccine fact sheet (EN) (FR)
  • Fact Sheet – COVID-19 vaccine: five things you need to know (EN) (FR)
  • Vaccine Q+A (EN) (FR)

Those who are eligible (including essential caregivers) to receive their vaccine now can pre-register at the following location:  You do not need to provide proof of association with the home.

For more information about eligible priority groups, please visit:  Pre-register for your COVID-19 vaccination (for eligible priority groups only) | WDG Public Health

If you have any questions regarding Wellington Dufferin Guelph's vaccine rollout plan, please visit their website at:

Receiving Updates from the Home:

The home uses an automated system called One Call Now to provide updates to family members periodically.  Updates can be sent by phone call, email or both.  If you would like to receive these updates, contact Peg Muhlbauer, Assistant Administrator at or 519 846 5359 ext. 7240.

Window and Virtual Visits

outdoor visitswindow visits
Window visits are booked in advance by calling Mary Black, Volunteer Coordinator at 519 845 5359 ext 7266.
Residents sit inside the home with family outside in an enclosed space with heat. Communication is over the cellphone or through a two way monitor. Residents may wear blue tooth headsets in order to aide communication. 
Visitors are asked to use the disinfectant wipes to clean the space after their visit.
Virtual visits may be facilitated phone calls, skype, zoom or facetime calls. Visits are facilitated through the neighborhood recreation therapist
If you are not an essential caregiver please remember that virtual and window visits may be booked by calling Mary Black at ext. 7266.

Essential Item Drop Off

COVID 19 does live on surfaces and Public Health has advised that it is best to limit items coming in from outside the home to essential items only. We want to keep residents rooms clutter free to ensure good cleaning and infection control practices are maintained.
For essential items, which are defined as personal care items or clothing, please drop off on the provided cart. These items are then set aside for 48 hours, disinfected and delivered to the resident. 

Tuck Cart

We have a Tuck Cart stocked with treats and seasonal items. Many residents enjoy picking out their own items. If you wish to treat your loved one to a gift certificate for the tuck cart this may be arranged by calling the business office at 519.846.5359 ext. 7226.
tuck cart
If you would like to purchase clothing for your loved one, you may choose to order online from Geri Fashions or Silvert's and they will arrange delivery directly to the home.

For additional information on COVID-19 please visit Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health's Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage.

Additional Resources

As we collectively work through this challenging period together, the County would also like to share helpful resources that are available. We encourage you to visit our COVID-19 Support and Resources page for government resources, and business, agriculture, and economic development supports. 

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