If you own property ten acres or less in size, noxious weeds must be destroyed by June 1, 2024 and throughout the season. The municipality may otherwise enter the property and have the weeds destroyed, charging the costs against the land as set out in the Weed Control Act.

The following is a list of noxious weeds:

Common Barberry
 Picture of Common Barberry
Smooth Bedstraw
Picture of Smooth Bedstraw 
European Buckthorn
 Picture of European Buckthorn
Wild Chervil
 Wild Chervil
 Picture of Coltsfoot
Common Crupina
  • Flowers that are a pinkish-purple and are approximately 1.3 cm long
  • The weed can grow up to 1 m tall
  • Leaves have coarse, rough edges
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Woolly Cupgrass
  • A 30-200 cm annual grass
  • Dark green, hairy leaves that have a velvety feel
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Dodder spp.
 Picture of Dodder
Dog Strangling Vine/Dog Strangling Vine (Black)
  • Perennial vine with opposite leaves
  • Small purple flowers that develop into narrow pods with several seeds
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Jointed Goatgrass
  • An annual grass, 40-60 cm tall
  • Often mistaken for wheat
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Giant Hogweed
 Picture of Giant Hogweed
Knapweed spp.
 Picture of Knapweed
Wild Parsnip
 Picture of Wild Parsnip
Poison Hemlock
 Picture of Poison Hemlock
Poison Ivy
 Picture of Poison Ivy
Ragweed spp.
Tansy Ragwort
 Picture of Tansy Ragwort
Sow Thistle spp.
 Sow Thistle
Cypress Spurge
 Cypress Spurge
Leafy Spurge
 Leafy Spurge
Bull Thistle

 Picture of Bull Thistle

Bull Thistle

Canada Thistle
 Canada Thistle
Serrated Tussock
 Picture of Serrated Tussock

Weed Inspectors:

Brad Carberry 
T 226.962.4007
Email bradc@wellington.ca 

Adam Buitendyk
Email adamb@wellington.ca



Jennifer Adams
County Clerk
519.837.2600 x 2520