10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan

In close consultation with the community, the County of Wellington has developed a 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan "A Place to Call Home". The plan provides a roadmap for achieving our desired vision that, "Everyone in Guelph Wellington can find and maintain an appropriate, safe and affordable place to call home."

Please explore our Plan as well as a number of supporting documents that were developed as part of the Plan, as well as Annual Reports reporting on the progress made toward the goals and targets of the Housing and Homelessness Plan.

A Place to Call Home - A 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Guelph Wellington

Need and Demand Study 2006-2011

Housing and Homelessness Plan Discussion Paper


10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan Annual Reports

2014 HHP Annual Report: A Place to Call Home

2015 HHP Annual Report: A Place to Call Home

2016 HHP Annual Report: A Place to Call Home

2017 HHP Annual Report: A Place to Call Home

2017 Information Graphic

Ministry Correspondence

Community Submission to the Province's Consultation on the Ontario Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy (LTAHS) update:

Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy Response


Homelessness Strategy

The County of Wellington Social Services Department commissioned a Homelessness Strategy that was published in 2014, a 5 year plan to reduce homelessness in Guelph Wellington through to 2018. The strategy follows the release of the 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, and outlines eight goals with specific strategies to address homelessness in Guelph Wellington over the next five years. This includes the setting of milestones and targets, and recommendations regarding the allocation of resources within the Homelessness Services funding envelope. 

Housing First Pilot Evaluation Report 

In June of 2014 the Social Services Committee and County Council approved a 5 year Homelessness Strategy. The strategy built upon the goals of the 10 year Housing and Homelessness Plan with more specific actions to address homelessness in Guelph and Wellington.

Housing First was a central theme within the approved Homelessness Strategy and the County has been working steadily with community partners to implement a Housing First Pilot with the goal of providing immediate access to permanent housing and wrap-around supports for up to 20 individuals experiencing complex issues as a barrier to securing and maintaining housing.  

This report provides an update on the progress of the Housing First Pilot, including its impact on participants, outcomes, programme costs, and cost avoidance within the emergency system. It also provides recommendations for moving forward with our work related to Housing First.  

Housing First Pilot Evaluation Report


Homelessness Strategy Annual Reports

2015 Homelessness Strategy Annual Report


Previous Plans and Related Documents

2005 Housing Strategy

2011 Rural Homelessness Study

Housing Services Act 2011 - Effective January 1, 2012

The Housing Services Act, 2011 replaced the Social Housing Reform Act on January 1, 2012. In 2010, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing released its Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy and introduced Bill 140, Strong Communities through Affordable Housing Act 2010. This legislation will set a new vision for housing in Ontario and focus on creating a social housing system that will improve access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing and provide a small foundation on which to secure employment, raise families and build strong communities. The legislation requires housing service managers to develop local 10 year housing and homelessness plans.

For more information view the Housing Services Act, 2011.


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