Service Manager Local Rules

The Corporation of the County of Wellington is the Consolidated Municipal Services Manager (CMSM) for the purposes of administering Federal, Provincially and Municipally funded programmes under the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA) and its Regulations: for the geographic area that includes the County of Wellington and the City of Guelph. 

Under the HSA, the CMSM has the flexibility to set local rules and policies establishing programme eligibility criteria and to accommodate local needs and priorities. All local policies established by the County of Wellington CMSM are communicated to Housing Providers through directives and information bulletins.


 Local Rules and Policies

 2018-PA20.0 Tenant Insurance Current
 2017-PA15.1 CWL Local Priority Policy Current
 2018-PA19.0 Internal Transfer Current
 2018-PA14.1 Review of Decision Current
2014-PA17.0 Extraordinary Funding Current 
2014-PA16.0 Account Payments Current
2017-PA19.0 Smoke-Free Policy Current
HS2013 PA1.0  Maximum Household Assets                                                Current
HS2013 PA2.0 Absence from Unit Current
HS2013 PA3.0  Refusal of Offers Current
HS2013 PA4.0  RGI Convictions  Current
HS2013 PA6.0  Pursuit of Income Current
HS2013 PA7.0  Housing Provider Standards Current
HS2013 PA8.0  Maximum Household Income Current
 HS2013 PA9.0 Notification of Household Changes Current
 HS2013 PA10.0 Failure to Provide Information Current
 HS2013 PA11.0 Conflict of Interest  Current
 HS2013 PA12.0 Housing Provider Property Management Current 
HS2019 PA21.0 Over Housed Policy Current
HS2019 PA5.2 Occupancy Standards Current
 HS2013 PA13.0 Refusals by Housing Providers Current







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