Ending Homelessness in Guelph Wellington

Ending Homelessness in Guelph Wellington

In February 2015, the County in collaboration with the Welcome In Drop-In Centre launched the Housing First (HF) pilot programme and Community Agency Delivery programme (CAD), which provided participants with immediate access to permanent housing and wrap-around supports. Within the first year of the two programmes, there were 29 individuals in total experiencing complex issues as a barrier to housing that participated in the programme with a dedicated HF worker. For the cohort of participants that completed a full year in HF, we saw reductions in systems interactions, including hospitalization days, shelter bed nights, access of medical crisis services, and days incarcerated.

At the same time, the County of Wellington underwent its second annual Point in Time count on the night of April 15, 2015. The results of this count helped to provide a baseline understanding of our community demographic that was experiencing homelessness.

Next Steps

With a better understanding of homelessness in our community coupled with a successful pilot programme in housing some of the most vulnerable homeless individuals, our community was ready to take the next step. The County of Wellington, in partnership with the Guelph Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination (PTF) aligned with two national efforts to end homelessness. The first, Homelessness Partnering Strategy's (HPS) Point in Time (PiT) Count will help to enumerate individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. This effort is supported and funded through the Government of Canada. The second, 20,000 Homes Campaign is supported through the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. This is a national movement to house 20,000 of the most vulnerable people in Canada experiencing homelessness. This campaign will help our community identify and understand individual experiences of homelessness and contribute to a by-name list outlining those with highest acuity, or vulnerability. With this list and the appropriate housing interventions in place, such as Housing First, we aim to house the most vulnerable members in our community experiencing homelessness. We also look forward to an expansion of the Housing First programme, with an additional dedicated Housing First worker to take on 15 more participants in the coming year. Through these commitments, we look towards coming together with our community to end homelessness in Wellington County.

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