Victorian Order of Nurses, Senior Support Worker Programme

Victorian Order of Nurses, Senior Support Worker Programme

In 2014, the County of Wellington entered into an agreement with the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) for an expansion of the existing Senior Support Worker programme being delivered by four partner organizations across the Waterloo and Wellington Local Integrated Health Network (WWLHIN). The expansion of this programme in the City of Guelph and the County of Wellington has resulted in the Victorian Order of Nurses operating 3.6 full-time employees in identified service areas of need. To address these areas of need, VON has partnered with the County to deliver a comprehensive range of supports for low to moderate income seniors in our buildings. Services available to clients include housekeeping, meal preparation, medication cueing, crisis intervention, emotional, social and recreational support, accompaniment, and referrals, among others.

The partnership between the County and VON has embedded these vital services in County-owned buildings for our tenants and members of the community to access. These services are accessible in multiple locations, including two buildings in Guelph and 12 buildings in the County, encompassing tenants in 329 social housing units and 55 affordable housing units in our service area. Ninety percent of the clients served in the VON Senior Support Worker programme reside in County-owned buildings, with the remaining 10% of clients living independently in the community.

Between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015, the VON Senior Support Workers provided 10,972 services to 360 individual clients in our service area, leading to 119 emergency department diversions (VON April 2015 Progress Report). The objective of this programme is to maintain the physical, mental and social health of seniors, increasing their ability to age in place. This programme is having an impact on individuals in our community like David, whose story we are glad to share below.

David moved to the Town of Minto a short time ago and had no possessions with him. In partnership with the local community, he now has proper furniture and some clothing. He uses VON transportation services to visit his specialist in Toronto and VON has helped him secure a family doctor in the Town of Minto. David has access to the services he requires and is now on the road to living independently in our community. The VON Seniors Support Worker programme represents an incredible opportunity for many seniors in our community like David, to access services and improve their quality of life.

The stories of David, Ken and the many others in our community who have been supported by the programmes and initiatives described here illustrates the impactful work being undertaken to ensure,

"Everyone in Guelph Wellington can find and maintain an appropriate, safe and affordable place to call home."

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