Appealing a Decision

Internal Review

Ontario Works applicants/recipients have the right to appeal any decision to cancel, refuse, reduce, vary or suspend their benefits. All decisions will be sent in writing with detailed instructions on how to request an Internal Review.

The request for an Internal Review must be submitted to a County of Wellington Ontario Works office within thirty days of the date of the decision. The completion of an Internal Review Request Form is required and any additional supporting documentation that you may have to assist with the decision can also be attached.

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The Internal Review process is completed by two senior staff members who were not involved in the initial decision. The

applicant/recipient will be notified in writing of a decision within ten business days of receipt of the internal review request. If the applicant/recipient disagrees with the results of the internal review, instructions on how to appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal are provided.

The Social Benefits Tribunal

If an applicant/recipient disagrees with the results of the internal review, an appeal can be submitted to the Social Benefits Tribunal within thirty days of the Internal Review decision.

The Social Benefits Tribunal will not hear any appeal unless an Internal Review was first completed by the local Ontario Works office. Decisions made regarding eligibility for Discretionary Benefits are not appealable to the Social Benefits Tribunal.

Social Benefits Tribunal Appeal Forms are available at your local Ontario Works office or by contacting the Social Benefits Tribunal directly at:

Social Benefits Tribunal
1075 Bay Street, 7th Floor
Toronto ON M5S 2B1
T 1.800.753.3895
F 416.326.5135

If you require additional assistance to complete appeal forms for the Social Benefits Tribunal contact:

Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County
176 Wyndham Street North (inside the Guelph Community Health Centre)
Guelph ON
T 519.821.2100


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