BBT Content and Delivery

Skills Training Content and Delivery

Bounce Back & Thrive!ᴼᴹ (BBT) is a 10-session evidence-based resiliency skills training programme for parents (and those in a parenting role) with children under the age of eight. The first six sessions focus on resiliency skills for adults. The last four sessions shows parents how to apply the skills directly with their children. The two parts can be offered consecutively or with a break in between.

PART 1 focuses on enhancing the capacity of parents to provide caring relationships and role model skills that build resilience in their daily interactions with their children. Content includes…

Exploring how:

  • caring relationships, positive role models and a strengths-based approach help build resilience in young children.

Building self-regulation skills to:

  • Enhance how we regulate our emotions and control our impulses
  • Reflect on our reactions to stressful circumstances.

Learning key thinking skills including:

  • Easy ways to understand how thoughts cause reactions that either help or hinder responding with resilience to situations
  • Techniques to identify non-resilient “thinking habits” and deeply-rooted beliefs that cause relationship difficulties and block effective responses to opportunities
  • Techniques to develop flexible thinking and find alternative ways to respond to conflict, problems and stress.


dad consoling a crying infant


PART 2 helps parents apply behavior guidance and resiliency-building strategies directly with their children. Content includes:

  • Using empathy to build close relationships and help children develop emotional literacy skills
  • Helping children develop a “Can Do” view through mastery opportunities, encouragement and confidence-building approaches
  • Building an environment of “positivity” to enhance children’s capacity to maintain hope and optimism


Mom comforting upset child

Who Should Attend

BBT is aimed at parents (and those in a parenting role) with children under 8 years. Participants come from diverse backgrounds and communities in urban, suburban, rural and remote locations.

Based on the needs of various communities, authorized trainers in the non-profit and public sector have offered BBT to families from the general public. Others have served vulnerable families and children facing poverty, violence and abuse. And some groups have focused on young parents, newcomers and parents of children with special needs.

How to Access BBT Resiliency Skills Training Programme

If you are interested in taking the BBT Resiliency Skills Training for parents (and those in a parenting role), please complete the Training Waitlist Request Form to have your name added to our waitlist.

Training Waitlist Request Form

For all other training inquiries, please contact us at

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