Child Care Fee Subsidy

Child care fee subsidy can help to pay for licensed child care and approved camps and recreation programmes for children up to age 13. It is only available at programmes that are subsidy approved by the County of Wellington.  


You may be eligible for fee subsidy based on your family income and your need for child care.

Family income

Your share of the child care cost is based on your income tax information (line 236).

What your share of the child care cost might be

Family Income

Approximate Monthly Cost

Ontario Works or ODSP


Under $20,000








$60,000 and Above

Starting at $667.00

 Reason for care 

  • you are working (full time, part time, self-employed)
  • you are attending school or a training programme
  • you have a medical or family need that can be helped by your child attending child care
  • you have a child with a disability or special needs

Steps to apply for subsidy:

  1. Call the child care subsidy office - 519.837.3620 x3090 or 1.800.265.7294 x3090
  2. Meet with a Subsidy Worker  - to determine eligibility. Meetings can take place in Guelph, Fergus and Mount Forest. Please bring this information to the meeting
  3. Find your child care space - only subsidy approved licensed child care programmes as well as Wellington Home Child Care providers can receive payments for your child's care. Options available to you are included in our licensed child care listings. This listing can be found on our looking for child care page as well as our Find Child Care map

Appointment locations


Children's Early Years Division Fee Subsidy office, 129 Wyndham St. N, Guelph Ontario

  • Arrival by city bus: 129 Wyndham St. N is a 6 minute walk via Wyndham Street from the main bus terminal on Carden Street.

  • Arrival by car: There is no onsite parking at our building, however there is free 2-hour parking on marked surrounding streets. Paid parking is available in the Baker Street Parking Lot or by the Old Quebec Street Mall West Parkade.


County of Wellington Social Services Building, 321 St. Andrew Street West, Fergus Ontario

Parking available on-site

 Mount Forest

County of Wellington Community Services Building, 311 Foster Street, Mount Forest Ontario

Parking available on-site

What to bring to your appointment

Printable checklist for what to bring to your appointment.

To each appointment you must bring:

  • All of the information listed that applies to you

  • If you are married or living common-law we will need the following information for each person.

If you do not bring this information, we cannot complete your appointment and you will need to come back for another appointment. 

List of what to bring to your appointment

Type of Information

Documents to Bring to Appointment

Tax Information

Most recent Notice of Assessment (for each applicant)

Canada Child Tax Benefit - (mailed out July 20 each year)

Identification for Adults

(Government issued photo ID)

Driver's Licence or Photo Health Card or Passport

Permanent Residence Card or Citizenship Card; if not born in Canada

Identification for Children

Birth Certificate or Statement of Live Birth or Health Card

Passport or Permanent Residence Card or Citizenship Card or Immigration papers; if not born in Canada

Reason for child care

If Working:

Letter of employment - On letterhead outlining hours and days you work

2 current pay stubs

Going to School:

School registration and schedule (start and end date of classes)

OSAP Summary form

Student Study Plan

Where you live

Current Lease Agreement or Notice of Rent Increase (Form N1)

If you do not have these you will be given a County form to be completed by your landlord

Mortgage Statement

Where the children live

Custody papers - court documents or signed letter to verify custody arrangements

If you are using OW or receive Disability supports

Ontario Works Benefit stub

Ontario Disability Support Program stub

 Contact the Revenue Canada Agency if document replacements are needed:

graphics2Notice of Assessment 1.800.959.8281
Canada Child Tax Benefit 1.800.387.1193

Samples of Government Issued Documents


Sample of a Notice of Assessment


Sample of a Canada Child Tax Benefit

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