Emergency School-Age Child Care Programme

On April 6, Dr. Nicola Mercer, Medical Officer of Health and CEO of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, issued a Section 22 Order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. The Order directs all public schools to cease in-person learning and for all licensed centre-based school-age child care to cease operations (with the exception of providing emergency child care).

To support parents of school-aged children who are essential workers, the County of Wellington is pleased to announce a targeted Wellington-Guelph Emergency School-Age Child Care Programme. The cost of this temporary child care programmme will be funded by the County of Wellington and City of Guelph. There will be no cost to families.

To register for Guelph-Wellington Emergency Child Care families must:

  • Reside or work in the County of Wellington or the City of Guelph 
  • Be actively working in a job identified on the list of eligible workers
  • Need child care for at least 2 full days each week
  • Need child care immediately
  • Receive eligibility approval by the Children’s Early Years Division, County of Wellington

Application, Approval and Registration Process:

  1. Check to see if you might be eligible based on the List of Individuals Eligible for Emergency Child Care. If your family is a two-parent household, one parent must be on the List of Individuals Eligible for Emergency Child Care but both parents must be actively working.
  2. Complete the Emergency Care Eligibility Intake Form.
    The information is used by the County of Wellington to confirm your eligibility to use Emergency Child Care.
    • You must also upload verification of employment with this form (paystub, badge, ID card, Letter of Employment)
  3. Once your application has been reviewed, our office will contact you via email to ask questions and/or confirm approval of your application by the end of the next business day. 
  4. Families may contact any of the Emergency Child Care sites listed below to register their children.

  5. Registrations and placements are the responsibility of families and the child care programme.

County of Wellington staff will email you regarding your request and eligibility for Emergency Care by the end of the next business day.  If you do not receive a response within that time, please email emergencychildcare@wellington.ca to inquire about your application status.

Please note:
This is a new and separate Emergency Child Care period. If you received Emergency Child Care in January/February 2021, you need to complete the eligibility process again and contact a child care programme to determine if space is available.
Space is determined on a first come basis and is not guaranteed based on where your child attended in the past.

Licensed Child Care & On-line Learning:

It’s important to understand that licensed child care programmes and schools are very different settings.  Licensed child care programmes are required to follow specific legislative requirements that include a pedagogical approach identified by the Ministry or Education. Therefore, it is important to understand that licensed child care operates are unable to support on-line learning.

For more information about licensed child care pedagogy please view our Licensed Child Care and On-line Learning PDF.

Emergency Child Care Sites:

Community Resource Centre – J.D. Hogarth School Site (Fergus)
360A Belsyde Ave E
Fergus, ON

GS Care (Guelph School Guelph Care) – Sacred Heart School site (Guelph)
125 Huron Street
Guelph, ON

First Steps Daycare – School Age (Guelph)

55 Delhi Street
Guelph, ON

YMCA Three Rivers Child Care – Jean Little School site (Guelph)
56 Youngman Drive
Guelph, ON

YMCA Three Rivers Child Care – Rickson Ridge School site (Guelph)
177 Rickson Ave
Guelph, ON

YMCA Three Rivers Child Care – St. Michael School site (Guelph)
9 McElderry Road
Guelph, ON

Wellington Home Child Care
(serving Guelph & Wellington County)
Please contact provider’s directly to discuss possible space in their homes.
List of providers are available at:



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