The County of Wellington is the provincially designated Service Manager for the delivery of homelessness programmes in Wellington County and the City of Guelph. The County and the community have a shared interest in appropriate housing for all of our vulnerable citizens. The County's role as service manager includes responsibilities such as planning, resource allocation, quality assurance and service provision.

The County of Wellington administers funding for Emergency Shelters, Housing with Related Supports, the Housing Stability Programme, the Rent Bank and the Emergency Energy Programme.

To learn more about the programmes funded under the Emergency Shelter Programme and to access a copy of the County of Wellington's Emergency Shelter Standards visit our Emergency Shelters page.

To learn more about the programmes funded under the Housing with Related Supports Programme and to access a copy of the County of Wellington's Housing with Related Supports Standards visit our Housing with Related Supports page.

Built for Zero Canada (BFZ-C)

On March 6, 2019 the 20,000 Homes Campaign announced it will relaunch as Built for Zero Canada!

As a participating 20,000 Homes community we contributed to housing 21,254 of Canada's most vulnerable homeless people well before the July 1, 2020 campaign deadline. Over 508 of those people were housed here in Guelph Wellington by our community partners.

Our community will continue on with Built for Zero Canada because we believe that ending chronic homelessness is not only possible, but it's happening.

Since joining the 20,000 Homes Campaign in 2016, we have achieved a quality By-Name List, launched a Coordinated Entry System (CES), and have a downward trend in our chronic homeless numbers.  Building on this success, we will continue to develop and implement data-driven approaches that focus on optimizing the local homeless system to end chronic homelessness in Guelph Wellington.

Built for Zero Canada is an ambitious national change effort helping a core group of leading communities end chronic homelessness - a first step on the path to eliminating all homelessness in Canada.

Built for Zero Canada - 20,000 Homes Final Move-In Report - Guelph-Wellington

Built for Zero Canada - Backgrounder

20K Homes Campaign

In 2016, the the County of Wellington signed on to the local 20K Homes Campaign - a national change movement focused on ending chronic homelessness in 20 communities and housing 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable homeless people by July 1, 2020. 

2017/18 20K Homes Annual Report

2016/17 20K Homes Annual Report

Point In Time Count

The County of Wellington, in partnership with community agencies, has conducted a number of Point in Time (PIT) Counts across the service area (Guelph and Wellington). PIT Counts are a measure of the number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness on a specific day.  PiT Counts are a ‘snapshot’ of homelessness in our community and can be used by to track progress in reducing homelessness.  

2018 Pit Count Report - Everyone Counts

2016 PiT Count Report

2015 PIT Count Report

Youth PiT

 2014 PIT Count Final Report



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