The County of Wellington is the provincially designated Service Manager for the delivery of homelessness programmes in Wellington County and the City of Guelph. The County and the community have a shared interest in appropriate housing for all of our vulnerable citizens. The County's role as service manager includes responsibilities such as planning, resource allocation, quality assurance and service provision.

The County of Wellington administers funding for Emergency Shelters, Housing with Related Supports, the Housing Stability Programme, the Rent Bank and the Emergency Energy Programme.

To learn more about the programmes funded under the Emergency Shelter Programme and to access a copy of the County of Wellington's Emergency Shelter Standards visit our Emergency Shelters page.

To learn more about the programmes funded under the Housing with Related Supports Programme and to access a copy of the County of Wellington's Housing with Related Supports Standards visit our Housing with Related Supports page.


2015 Point In Time Count

In April of 2015, the County Social Services Department administered a Point in Time (PIT) count across the service area (Guelph and Wellington) for the first time in an effort to measure the extent of homelessness in the community, as well as to capture some key demographic information of the homeless population. This year's count comes after an April 2014 PIT count, which measured youth homelessness in Wellington County.

2015 PIT Count Report

The data yielded by PIT counts are not considered to be absolute and have recognized limitations. Despite identified limitations (e.g. the potential for duplicate counting) the PIT count still hopes to reveal important information regarding the scope and magnitude of homelessness in Guelph and Wellington, information not readily provided by other available measures.

This April 2015 PIT Count represents the introduction of an annual PIT count for Guelph Wellington with the goals of:

  • Improving community awareness and understanding of homelessness,
  • Helping to monitor and assess developing trends over time,
  • Providing a method through which to measure progress, and
  • Strengthening efforts to end homelessness.

Additionally, this PIT count aligns with the goals of the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan (HHP) for Guelph Wellington by improving community awareness and understanding of changes to the homelessness population over time. Please continue to share and discuss the results of the count in an effort to support the achievement of our goals. 

Homelessness whether visible or hidden is an issue in our community and I hope that you find the attached report an interesting and informative read to this end. 


2014 Point In Time Count

In April of 2014, the County of Wellington in partnership with the Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington and Wyndham House initiated a Point in Time (PIT) count in order to measure youth homelessness in Wellington County for the first time. This count was facilitated as part of a larger project currently underway towards the development of a Rural Youth Homelessness Solution Model for Wellington County. Funding and support for these projects has been received through the Mobilizing Local Capacity to End Youth Homelessness Programme.

2014 PIT Count Final Report


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