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Main Office


Monday to Friday ~ 8:30am to 4:00pm


138 Wyndham St N. Guelph ON N1H 4E8

T. 519.824.7822
T. 1.800.663.0750 
F. 519.837.6349

Housing Services are delivered from our office located in downtown Guelph. Appointments can be made with staff to meet at a Fergus and a Mount Forest location. To speak with a specific member of our team, please click on the appropriate team button. 

Property Services Maintenance  Housing Services Staff Housing Services Managment

After Hours Emergency - To speak directly with a person T 519.824.7822

After Hours NON Emergency - to leave a message T 519.824.1960

Property Services

To reach Property Services Staff please dial T 519.824.7822 followed by the extension.

Title Name Extension  
Property Services Officer Alyssa Bosomworth x5131  
Property Services Officer Lynne Johnson x4150


Property Services Officer Michelle
Property Services Officer

Sarah Guttin

Property Services Clerk Daniella
Property Services Clerk Melanie


Property Accounting Coordinator Danielle Stinson x4100  
Maintenance Staff and Building Custodians

To reach Maintenance Staff please dial T 519.824.7822 followed by the extension.

Title Name Extension  
Maintenance Coordinator Kala Flannery x4311   
Maintenance Coordinator Lindsay Bradley x4220   
Maintenance Coordinator Curtis LaCroix x5130  
Maintenance Coordinator Andy Rees  x4460  

Building Custodians

Title Name Extension Buildings
 Building Custodians Rob Roth   Dublin/Hadati
 Building Custodians Richard Miles   Grange/Waterloo
Building Custodians Cody McFarlane   Speedvale/Marlborough/Delhi
 Building Custodians Helen Gordon   Gordon 
 Building Custodians Kevin McNey    Fergus/Elora
 Building Custodians Michael Medeiros    Arthur/Palmerston
 Building Custodians Becky Haynes    Mount Forest/Harriston
Housing Services Staff

To reach Housing Services Staff please dial T 519.824.7822 followed by the extension.

Title Name Extension
Accounts Receivable/Reception Camryn Leidl x4070
Housing Planning and Policy Analyst Judi Winkup x4330
Housing Planning and Policy Analyst Helen Phan x3130
Housing Programme Advisor Michele Shears  x4080
Housing Programme Advisor Shannon McDowell  x4240

Programme Capital Coordinator 

Nancy Butts x4120
Programme Support Worker Rubina Mian x4710

Applicant Services Coordinator

Samantha White x4350

Applicant Services Coordinator

Jennie Matthews x4360

Housing Services Clerk (CWL)

Courtney Young x4670

Housing Services Clerk (CWL)

Nicole Gulewitsch x4030

Housing Community Support Worker

Paula Zaludek x4200

Housing Community Support Worker

Kate Gerreman x4270

Capital Works Coordinator

Daniel Schwartzel  X3180 

Works Control Clerk

Caroline Drohan   x4420

Works Control Clerk

Jessica MacKenzie x4280

To reach the Housing Stability Team please dial T 519.837.2600 followed by the extension.

Housing Stability General Line


Housing Stability Coordinator 

Brianne Cox x3185

Housing Stability Coordinator 

Nicole Kinoshita  x3130

Housing Stability Caseworker

Julia Della Camara x3841

Housing Stability Caseworker 

Carlin Dykstra  x3680 
Housing Stability Caseworker  Jesse Whalley  x3440

Housing Stability Caseworker 

Gregg Young  x3339 

Housing Stability Clerk 

Kelsey Marshall x3712


 Housing Services Management

 To reach Housing Services Management please dial T 519.824.7822 followed by the extension.

Title Name Extension
Director of Housing Mark Poste x4040
Housing Programme Manager Paul Skinner x4690
Applicant Services Manager Elizabeth Black x4400
Community Property Services Manager Ashley Riehl x4300
Housing Maintenance Manager   x4310
Housing Maintenance Manager Erin Marriott x4480
Maintenance Operations Supervisor  Arthur Ash  x4960
Housing Stability Manager   x3150
Housing Services Manager Victoria Toman x4340

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