Rent Supplement

The Rent Supplement Programme is a programme that allows individuals and families to receive a geared-to-income rent supplement for a unit in the private market.

Rent supplement units are filled by applicants on the County of Wellington’s Centralized Waiting List (CWL). The household pays their rent-geared-to- income rent amount directly to the landlord and the County of Wellington pays the rest of the rent to the landlord.

Rent Supplement Programme Details

 Information for Landlords

The Rent Supplement Programme was designed to reduce the cost of housing for tenants in low income households. There are many benefits to participating.

County of Wellington staff provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth and beneficial tenancy for both parties.

Benefits include:

  • Vacancy loss protection – We cover eligible lost revenue resulting from vacancies in rent supplement units (as described in your Rent Supplement Agreement with the County of Wellington)
  • Reduced marketing costs – The County of Wellington does the work for you. Our staff will send you referrals for your units, eliminating the cost and time associated with advertising.
  • Tenant Support – Our work does not end with a successful placement. Rent Supplement staff work with you and your tenants to support a successful tenancy.
  • Ability to screen tenants - Landlords retain control. Screen possible tenants with credit or background checks, reference checks and interview.

As a participating landlord, you will enter into a Rent Supplement Agreement with the County of Wellington.

The agreement contains the following features:

  • The obligations of the County of Wellington and the Landlord
  • A schedule listing the units covered under the agreement and the approved rent
  • A schedule describing acceptable building and unit standards
  • A description of the process for selection of tenants
  • What happens to tenants upon termination of the contract by either party

A normal landlord-tenant relationship exists under this agreement, and tenants and landlords follow the rules and regulations according to their lease and the Residential Tenancies Act. Any routine questions related to rent payments, repairs and maintenance of the unit, noise etc. should be directed to the landlord.

Tenants also enter into a Rent Supplement Agreement with the County of Wellington. To determine the amount of their subsidy, the County uses a calculation based on income. Any change in household income will result in an adjustment to the subsidy.

Tenants must make their portion of the rent payment to the landlord.

 Information for Tenants

Individuals who would like to access the Rent Supplement Programme must make an application to the Centralized Waiting List (CWL). Rent supplement units are filled from the CWL.  Landlords are able to screen prospective tenants by completing background checks that may include credit checks and landlord references.

If an individual or household and the landlord are a good match and they are approved for the unit, the individual/household will be removed from the CWL.

Tenants receiving rent supplement will sign a lease agreement with the landlord directly and are responsible for following rules established under the lease and in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.  Any questions tenants have about rent payments, upkeep of the residential premises, emergencies after hours, problems with neighbours, moving out, etc., should be directed to the landlord and not to Rent Supplement Programme staff.

Tenants must make their portion of their rent payments directly to the landlord.

Before receiving a rent supplement, tenants will need to sign a Rent Supplement Agreement with the County of Wellington.  This Agreement will set out the responsibilities of the tenant to maintain their eligibility for their rent supplement with the County of Wellington.

If the Rent Supplement Programme seems like a good fit for you, please complete an rent-geared-to-income application and identify Rent Supplement in your housing type selection.

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