Overview of Programme Effectiveness

Reaching IN...Reaching OUTᴼᴹ (RIRO) and Bounce Back & Thrive!ᴼᴹ  (BBT) are evidence-based skills training programmes that have evolved during a six-phase process of research and evaluation. 

Overview of Research and Evaluation 

The effectiveness of RIRO's two resiliency skills training programmes has been evaluated using a triangulation of quantitative and qualitative methods: including surveys, structured interviews, trainer/facilitator evaluations, focus groups, as well as participant stories in written and video format. The evaluation goal has been to determine if the results from the original pilot study could be replicated with different populations. The nested design has enabled the results of each phase to inform the next phases of programme development, evaluation and research1.  Although participants came from diverse populations and geographic locations, there is consistency between the results from all six phases of the research. 

Overview of Key Findings

Some of the key findings reported from RIRO and BBT participants include:

Service providers, leaders and parents who attended the skills training programmes reported:

  • greater calmness and less stress
  • greater ability to “re-think” challenging situations before responding
  • increased confidence and perseverance
  • more positive relationships with children and adults.

Parents also reported they:

  • found more positive things to appreciate, especially in their children
  • believed in themselves more
  • felt more optimistic and hopeful.

three generations of family hugging


As they integrated the skills, child care and early learning staff, service providers, and parents introduced the skills with children through role modeling and child-friendly activities. After a while, they saw the children use the same skills with other children and adults.

Participants said the skills helped children:

  • calm down more easily
  • problem solve more effectively
  • see mistakes as OK
  • ask for help appropriately
  • be more confident and persevere
  • empathize and help others calm down and challenge their thinking

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To request a copy of RIRO's programme description and evaluation results please contact RIRO@wellington.ca 

1 Kordich Hall, D. (2014) Reaching In...Reaching OUT Research and Evaluation Program:   Description and Results Summary.

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