Reaching IN...Reaching OUT Resiliency Skills Training Programme

Reaching IN...Reaching OUTᴼᴹ (RIRO) Resiliency Skills Training Programme provides service providers working in early learning, child care, community/mental health and other settings with the knowledge and skills they need to model and teach resilience approaches to young children, from birth to eight years of age. The 12-hour evidence-based programme has several flexible delivery models designed to meet the individual needs of groups and organizations. 

RIRO skills training enhances self-regulation skills and promotes a “resilient” perspective and flexible approach to handling stress, serious problems and everyday challenges.

It uses a relationship-based, cognitive-behavioral and social problem-solving approach along with self-regulation strategies.

The training helps build the knowledge and skills participants need to model and teach resilience-building approaches to children under the age of 8 years and their families. RIRO skills supports children's resilience by training adults how to role model thinking and coping strategies while simultaneously enhancing adult-child relationships

The skills and theory support relationship-based reflective practice and provide a framework for creating a "culture of resilience" in programmes serving young children.

Learn more about the RIRO's content and delivery here.


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