Sweet Sweet Corn

Corn season is upon us! Enjoy fresh picked local sweet corn between late July - mid September. Ontario grows three types of sweet corn: normal, sugar-enhanced and supersweet. Each contains three different colour groups: yellow, bicolour (yellow-and-white) and white.

Want to get your corn farm fresh? Check your Local Food Map for farmers’ markets and other local food retailers that will carry Ontario sweet corn while in season. 


Storing and Preparing Sweet Corn

  • The best time to eat your sweet corn is as soon as possible after harvest. Its natural sugars decline quickly, so the sooner you eat it, the sweeter. 
  • Corn likes it cool and moist - store in the fridge or a cooler for best results.
  • To boil corn, strip husks, cut off stems and place in a pot of boiling water for about 5-7 min.
  • To barbeque corn, soak cobs (husks on) in cold water for 30 min, grill on BBQ on medium heat for about 20 min.

Did you know?

Corn is one of the Three Sisters (alongside beans and squash). The Three Sisters companion planting method was once used widely by First Nations.

Need Some Corn Inspiration?

Sweet Corn is great on its own, as a side dish, pickles or in salads. For inspiration, see some great recipes on the Foodland Ontario site (select 'Sweet Corn').