Directly Operated Programmes

About the County of Wellington's 
Directly Operated Child Care & Learning Centres

County of Wellington Child Care Centres strive to provide nurturing and inclusive environments that are attuned to the interests of children - what they know and what they wonder about. It is through these environments, as well as play and inquiry experiences, that all children, who we view as competent, capable and creative; can develop their unique disposition, resilience, and skills for life-long learning.

Our programmes work with Inclusion Supports Services, a team of child care staff and community service agencies that work with families to ensure all children, including those children with disabilities and special needs can fully participate in child care.

The County of Wellington currently directly operates child care programmes in Mt. Forest, Palmerston, Aboyne, and Guelph. Wellington Place Child Care and Learning Centre which opened in September 2019 is our newest programme. For more information about any of our directly operated child care programmes, please click on the name of the programme below.

Directly Operated Programmes - Parent and Guardian Handbook

Enrolment Policy and Procedure

The Children’s Early Years Division (CEYD) enrolls children in the Directly Operated Programmes (DOPs) through the enrolment process outlined in this policy. When the maximum licensed capacity of a programme has been reached and spaces are no longer available, children’s names will remain on a waitlist that can be referenced when spaces become available at a later date. This confidential waitlist is comprised of information provided by families who require care and outlines their child care needs and requests.  There will be a transparent process of offering a space and admitting children into the programme that is driven by an established order of priority.

Full Enrolment Policy and Procedure

Get on the Waitlist

If you wish to have your child enrolled in one of the our Child Care and Learning Centres, please complete the online Wellington-Guelph Child Care Application & Waitlist.