Child Care Operators

Operating Criteria

The County of Wellington Child Care Operating Criteria is our tool to measure quality in child care.

All child care centres that wish to have a Purchase of Service Agreement for a Wellington General Operating Grant or Fee Subsidy with the County of Wellington must meet the Child Care Operating Criteria.

 The Early Years Professional Resource Centre (EYPRC) provides help to early years programmes to improve their quality. The EYPRC website has more details.

Purchase of Service Agreements

A Purchase of Service Agreement is a contract between the County of Wellington and a licensed child care operator.

Two types of Purchase of Service Agreements are for Wellington General Operating Grants and for Fee Subsidies.

How do you apply for a Purchase of Service Agreement with the County of Wellington?

Only licensed child care programmes that operate in the Wellington service delivery area (County of Wellington and City of Guelph) that meet the requirements of the County of Wellington may be eligible for Purchase of Service Agreements.

Please contact the Manager of Child Care Administration at the Children's Early Years Division, for more information:

Dawn Dietrich
Manager of Child Care Administration
T 519.837.3620 x 3690

The Ministry of Education

Opening a new child care programme? Need information on licensing? The Ministry of Education has what you need.