Gold Box Reward Programme

The Gold Box Reward Programme recognizes Wellington County's best recyclers. 

Show your commitment to recycling in a fun way and perhaps create a friendly competition with your neighbours as you vie for your own Gold Box.

How to Apply

If you would like your own blue box to be considered for a random check, fill out the Gold Box Reward Form. The best of the best will receive a Gold Box. A minimum of 25 Gold Boxes are awarded each year. 

Complete the Gold Box Reward Form 

Our staff will then randomly check how well your household is recycling over a number of weeks. They are checking to ensure:

  • only acceptable items are in the blue boxes
  • materials are properly sorted into papers and containers
  • recyclables are clean
  • cardboard is flattened and bundled (if necessary)
  • no recyclables are placed in plastic bags
  • recycling is consistent

Past Gold Box Winners

Gold box winner photo
Scott D - Minto
Woman smiling holding her new gold recycling bin
Catherine Wells
Man and women holding new gold recycling bin
Gina Holdstead and Graham Howe
Woman and two children posing happily on porch next to new gold recycling bin
Sarah O'Brien