SWS Annual Reports

An annual overview of the various activities, services, and tonnages managed by the Solid Waste Services (SWS) Division. The reports include: 

  • An update of main activities performed in the last year
  • Statistical information
  • Planned future initiatives
  • Potential budget impacts of future initiatives
  • Proposed timelines for implementation of future initiatives

Waste Management Master Plan

The County's Waste Management Master Plan sets the stage for waste diversion and reduction in the County over the short, medium and longer-term horizon, ensuring each member municipality's waste is managed in the most sustainable manner possible. 

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Our Green Strategy

To ensure all SWS programmes work to protect and enhance the natural environment, the County's Solid Waste Services Division created its Green Strategy.

Goal: Promote "Green Practices" in all daily activities and operation plans and strategies; to incorporate "Green Practices" into all areas of waste management decisions and actions.

Core Principles:

  • Protect and Enhance the natural environment
  • Reduce our operations' carbon footprint
  • Practice a "Life Cycle" approach