Waste Reduction Week

Circular Economy Month & Waste Reduction Week

Waste Reduction Week in Canada takes place during the third week of October and is the country’s most successful waste reduction public awareness campaign engaging Canadians each year since 2001. 

Circular Economy Month raises awareness about the benefits of the circular economy and celebrates circular innovations during the month of October.

Weekly Themes

Throughout each week in October the Circular Innovation Council will add content related to that week's theme, with the third week of October continues as Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

Waste Reduction Week Daily Themes

Waste Reduction Week in Canada has seven themes, each focused on a different topic in waste management. The week aims to promote discussion, celebrate achievements, and raise awareness about the Circular Economy. 

The first day introduces the concept, while the other days cover issues like textiles, e-waste, plastics, and food waste. On the weekend, Canadians are encouraged to share, swap, and repair products to extend their lifespan. 

We challenge you to try to reduce your waste every day as best you can. This week is an initiative to encourage us all to play our part in moving our economies circular!