Make a Donation

Looking for ways to support The Green Legacy? 
Consider making a financial donation. 

Your contribution helps increase tree coverage and support community initiatives, such as:

  • Supporting farmers by providing windbreaks, living snow fences to protect soil and water quality. 
  • Providing volunteer opportunities for vulnerable community members.
  • Offering educational opportunities for co-op, secondary and post-secondary students in reforestation efforts.
  • Mentoring other communities to establish similar programmes.
  • Helps protect water quality in the Great Lakes.

We are incredibly grateful to our community for all the years of support. We look forward to many more years of working together and continuing to keep the County green and healthy! 

Donate to the Green Legacy

Very tiny frog on the fingers of a Green Legacy volunteer with trees in the background
We're not the only ones who love to hang out at the Green Legacy Nursery!
Panoramic view of people planting trees in a large open field with rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds.
Warden's Green Legacy Tree Planting 2022
Girl in purple shirt planting seedlings with group of volunteers in the background.
The Green Legacy has hosted thousands of Wellington County students at our nurseries.
Black butterfly with yellow spots sitting a top a seedling with blue skies in the background.
Green Legacy scavenger hunt card hanging in a tree outdoor.
Visitors to the Green Legacy nursery have the opportunity to go on an outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt.
Hundreds of seedlings growing in a block.
The Green Legacy grows thousands of seedlings each and every year.
Alphabetically marked shelves and crates full of bundled seedling trees in the Green Legacy cooler
Seedlings with changing autumnal leaves lined up against two Green Legacy greenhouses.