Housing Services Policies, Reports & Data

The County of Wellington is the Consolidated Municipal Service Manager for Wellington County and the City of Guelph.  As the Service Manager for Wellington-Guelph, the County of Wellington is responsible for the delivery and administration of provincially mandated social and affordable housing programmes, as well as initiatives to prevent and address homelessness. 

The County is accountable to the provincial government, in addition to County Council, to ensure the funding and delivery of these services are carried out in accordance with contractual agreements the County holds with various Ministries. The Ministries hold the County accountable through ongoing monitoring of service plans, reporting of financial and service data, compliance reviews (policies and client files), as well as financial audits. 

Key Messages

Housing Services Key Messages is a document that summarizes the work that the County has taken or will take in support of the objectives identified in our 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Guelph-Wellington. 

County of Wellington Housing Services Key Messages

Housing & Homelessness Plan

We believe everyone in Guelph-Wellington can find and maintain an appropriate, safe and affordable place to call home. Plans and policies aim to improve housing outcomes for individuals and families across the housing continuum. Under the Housing Services Act, 2011 the County of Wellington is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of a 10-year strategy which reflects the community’s vision generated through the consultation with the public/community and service providers. The plan is reviews and amended every 5 years.

10-Year Housing & Homelessness Plan

Annual Reports

Annual Reports highlight the measurement and progress that has been made on the objectives of the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.

2023 HHP Annual Report: A Place to Call Home

Reaching Home Community Homelessness Reports

Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy provides federal funding to support individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness. As the designated Reaching Home Community Entity for the Wellington service area, the County of Wellington, implements the community plan and is responsible for the selection, approval, and management of projects in the local area. Community Entities are supported by a Community Advisory Board responsible for developing the community plan and recommending projects for funding at the community level.

Guelph-Wellington 2022-2023 - Community Homelessness Report Summary

Point-in-Time (PiT) Counts

The County of Wellington, in partnership with community agencies, has conducted a number of Point in Time (PiT) Counts across the service area (Guelph and Wellington) in accordance to the Housing Services Act, 2011 as part of the Reaching Home programme. PiT Counts are a measure of the number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness on a specific day. The County has conducted PiT Counts since 2014, previous reports are available upon request.

2021 PiT Count - Housing - Wellington County

A PiT count is one of several tools communities can use to understand the scope and extent of homelessness locally.

Housing Services Status & Activity Report

Housing Services Status and Activity Reports are submitted to County of Wellington Social Services Committee on a biannual basis, providing an overview and updated summary of key Housing Services activities and operations.

2023 Q3&Q4 (July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023) Status & Activity Report

Housing Services Policies

The County of Wellington, in accordance with the Housing Services Act, 2011 has developed rules related to the delivery of subsidized housing in Guelph-Wellington.

Housing Provider Directives & Information Bulletins

All Provincially and locally established policies are communicated to housing providers through the Guides, Directives, and Information Bulletins.  If you would like to see all the current directives, please refer to the Directives and Information Bulletins List.


The County of Wellington Affordable Rental Housing Development Resource Guide was updated in 2021 and is made available by the County of Wellington as a resource to individuals and groups wanting to develop, build and operate affordable rental housing. The County of Wellington RGI Guide is intended for use by staff of the County of Wellington and housing providers in the County of Wellington to administer rent-geared-to-income (RGI) under the Housing Services Act.


Effective use of data and research is critical to achieving our housing and homelessness goals. 

CMHC Average Market Rents

Average Market Rents (AMRs) are updated annually based on the results of Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Rental Market Survey, which surveys privately initiated structures with 3 or more units in Centres 10,000+.

AMRs are typically published on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.

AMRs are used by Service Managers in the delivery of different programmes, and for planning and policy purposes. 

Average Rents ($) by Unit Type from Apartment Structures from RMS October 2023

 Bachelor1Bdrm2Bdrm3BdrmTotal Bdrm
Average Market Rent (AMR)$1,145.00$1,487$1,629$1,627$1,569

Housing Income Limits (as of January 2024)

In December 2021, the Ministry approved amendments to Ontario Regulation 370/11 under the Housing Services Act, 2011.  

The table below reflects household income limits (HILs) for the City of Guelph and County of Wellington as of January 2024 (Schedule 2 O.Reg 370/11).

 Bach1 Bdrm2 Bdrm3 Bdrm4 Bdrm
City of Guelph$36,000$46,000$55,000$63,500$83,000
Wellington County$29,500$38,500$46,500$52,500$61,000

The most up to date Household Income Limits, including High Need Household Income Limits (Schedule 1) can be found under O. Reg. 370/11 of the Housing Services Act, 2011.