Integrated Mobile Police & Crisis Team

What is IMPACT and how does this Team support our Community?

The Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington and the Wellington County OPP teamed up in 2015 to provide mental health crisis care. They created the Integrated Mobile Police And Crisis Team (IMPACT) to respond to mental health and addiction related calls. The team consists of specially trained Mental Health Clinicians and police officers who work together to provide immediate and comprehensive care. 


The goal of IMPACT is to provide a better community-based crisis response that results in better health outcomes for individuals in need. This has reduced the need for emergency room and hospital involvement. 

IMPACT assists our community in a number of ways:

  • Connecting with individuals to assess needs and coordinate services
  • Providing mobile crisis support
  • Consulting with police about calls
  • Sharing resources for supporting officers after a traumatic call
  • Preparing training sessions and providing resources for police service members
  • Making presentations in the community