Roads Policies & Permits

A County permit is required for many types of road-related projects. All permits require approximately one to two weeks for processing.

Please email our Roads department with any questions regarding these permits or policies.

Bridge Restriction By-law

The Bridge Restriction By-Law Number 5694-21 is used to regulate the weight of vehicles that pass over certain County bridges and culverts. Under the Highway Traffic Act, municipalities with jurisdiction over a bridge may enact a by-law to limit the gross vehicle weight that passes over the bridge.

Bridge Restriction By-law

Entrance Policy and Permit

A special permit is required to construct a new entrance or access (e.g., driveway) onto a County road. The purpose of this application is to ensure that all entrances are constructed in an appropriate location for the safety of the applicant and the motoring public.

Entrance Policy Outlines the Following:

  • Application criteria
  • Types of entrances (field, farm, residential, IC and I, temporary, emergency, public)
  • Location of accesses
  • Design standards
  • Refundable deposits
  • Permit application fees

Entrance Policy

Please review the above Entrance Policy prior to submitting your application.

Online Entrance Permit Application

If you require a printable version of the Entrance Permit Application or a copy of the Alteration of Entrance By-law, please email our Roads department.

Fouling of Highways By-law

Fouling of Highways By-law 5763-22

A by-law to prohibit dirt, gravel or other materials from being deposited on highways.

Half Load Restrictions

Some County roads are susceptible to damaging stress if exposed to heavy loads during the 'spring break up' period when the road base is at its weakest.

Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act gives municipality's authority to pass bylaws to restrict axle loading to a maximum of 5 tonne per axle to protect this public asset from the threat of substantial/expensive damage and to set the dates during which the load restrictions will apply. The load restrictions apply only when the signs are displayed.

The posting of load restriction may vary; however, the signs are generally posted to restrict loads between March 1 and May 15. Vehicles exceeding the 5 tonne per axle load restriction must take alternate routes or be subject to the penalties described in the Highway Traffic Act.

Download By-law Number 5650-20 Reduced Load Limits

Note: Oversized Load Permits do not apply to County Roads where load restriction signs have been displayed.

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Mailbox Policy

If you are considering installing a new mailbox or replacing an existing mailbox on a County roadside, please contact the Roads Department for specifications.

Oversize / Overweight Permit Application

An Oversize/Overweight Permit is required to move any load (e.g., vehicle, object, structure) on a County Road that exceeds the dimensional or weight limits set out in the Highway Traffic Act.

Generally, an Oversize/Overweight Permit is required if the load is greater than:

  • 2.6 metres wide
  • 23 metres long
  • 4.15 metres high
  • exceeds the maximum allowable unit weight.

Online Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

Road Occupancy Permit

A permit is required when any road work is proposed to be performed within the right-of-way of a County of Wellington Road. When applying for a Road Occupancy Permit it is required that a drawing of the proposed work is supplied along with proof of liability insurance naming the County of Wellington as additional insured. Outlined in the permit there are general conditions that the Applicant will be required to follow depending on the activity.

The Road Occupancy Permit is required for the following:

  • Placement of new underground utilities
  • Borehole/Monitoring wells
  • Directional Boring
  • Road Crossings
  • Repair of existing utilities

Road Occupancy Policy

If you have any questions, please email our Roads department.

Online Road Occupancy Permit

Sign By-law and Permit

The County regulates the erection and display of signs and other advertising devices on County roads and within 400 metres of any limit of County roads (except within urban centres as defined by the County of Wellington's Official Plan).

For information on erecting a sign on a provincial highway, contact the Ministry of Transportation's Corridor Management Office

For information on erecting a sign on a local municipal road, contact the municipality directly. Click here for the list of municipalities in Wellington County.

Sign By-Law

The purpose of the Sign By-law is to:

  • Ensure that signs installed on and adjacent to the County roads are safe and minimize any danger to the traveling public (e.g., signs do not block sight lines from entrances and sideroads)
  • Minimize the number of signs on or adjacent to the County roads (i.e., eliminate sign clutter and sign pollution)
  • Leave the landscape open and to maintain the rural atmosphere of Wellington County

Online Sign Permit

Special Event Permit

A Special Event Permit is required for events on County roads, even only for a few minutes.

The Permit ensures all procedures have been taken to protect the safety of participants and the motoring public.

Examples of occasions requiring a permit are parades, community celebrations, recreational events (bike/cycling tours), athletic events (triathlons, road race - running/jogging), or cinematographic events.

Along with a completed Special Event Permit, the following must be forwarded to the Roads Division at least ten business days prior to the event taking place:

  • A map outlining the route of the event
  • A Certificate of Insurance (in the amount of $2,000,000) naming the County of Wellington as an additional insured
  • Correspondence from the local municipality(s) involved expressing their support for the event
  • A letter from the County of Wellington OPP stating they are aware of the event

Download Special Event Permit

Please fax or mail your application with the necessary documents to the Roads Division.

Tile Drains Policy

Ensures that any tile drain that outlets onto or crosses County property is not constructed until an adequate outlet has been provided and an agreement in writing has been obtained from all parties who might be affected by run-off water.  This policy is in accordance with the Tile Drainage Act.

Utility Alignment Permit

Utility Alignment Permit Application

 Please email the Roads Department, if you require more information.