Appealing a Decision

If you have had your financial assistance denied, cancelled, reduced or suspended, a letter – explaining the changes to your Ontario Works eligibility – will be mailed to you. 

If you disagree with the changes affecting your assistance, you can request an internal review to appeal the decision within 30 days. If you disagree with the internal review decision, you can file an appeal with the Social Benefits Tribunal.

Request an Internal Review

You have the right to ask for an internal review of most decisions about your social assistance that you do not agree with. For example: 

  • you are not eligible for Ontario Works 
  • you disagree with the amount of social assistance you receive 
  • your social assistance payments have been stopped 
  • the amount of your social assistance payments has changed 
  • you are not eligible for a mandatory benefit 

All decisions will be sent in writing with detailed instructions on how to request an Internal Review. Requests for an Internal Review must be submitted to a County of Wellington Ontario Works office within 30 days of the date of the decision. You can write a letter or fill out an Internal Review Request Form

File an Appeal 

If you disagree with the results of the internal review, an appeal can be submitted to the Social Benefits Tribunal within 30 days of the Internal Review decision. 

The Social Benefits Tribunal will not hear any appeal unless an Internal Review was first completed by the local Ontario Works office. Decisions made regarding eligibility for Discretionary Benefits are not appealable through the Internal Review Process or to the Social Benefits Tribunal. 

Social Benefits Tribunal Appeal Forms are available at your local Ontario Works office or online. 

If you need help to complete appeal forms contact: 

Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County 
176 Wyndham Street North (inside the Guelph Community Health Centre) 
Guelph ON 
T: 519.821.2100

Social Benefits Tribunal

The Social Benefits Tribunal hears appeals from those who disagree with decisions affecting their social assistance eligibility or amount. It is independent from the Ministry of Community and Social Services, ODSP and Ontario Works.