Health Supports

Funds may be available to pay for some medical items and services such as eyeglasses, emergency dental work and medication. You may be eligible if: 

  • You are living with low income in Wellington County or Guelph 
  • You need help paying for medically necessary items that are not covered by OHIP 
  • You are not receiving Ontario Works, Emergency Assistance or ODSP benefits 

How to Apply 

To apply, call the Ontario Works office at 519.837.2670 (or toll free at 1.800.265.7294). You will need to provide information about your financial situation and have details and a cost estimate for the medical item/service you need.   

It is important that you apply before paying for your medical items/services, as you may not be reimbursed if you have already paid for them. 

After Applying 

Your eligibility will depend on the cost of the item/service you need, whether or not that item/service qualifies for funding, and your financial situation. A caseworker will notify you to let you know if you qualify after they review your information. 


Any questions about applying or qualifying for health supports? Contact us.