Fees & Charges

User Fees

User fees are charged to individuals or groups for the provision of a programme or service.  These fees help to offset the costs associated with operating programmes and services for the County. 

Who BenefitsType of ServicePayment
CommunityPublic100% Services
Primarily the CommunityPublic/IndividualPrimarily Taxes, some User Fees
Primarily the IndividualPublic/IndividualPrimarily User Fees, some Taxes
Individual OnlyIndividual100% Fees

Development Charges

County development charges are collected in accordance with Bylaw No. 5759-22 [PDF/166KB] which was approved on May 26, 2022. The Development Charge Information Sheet [PDF/323KB] summarizes the current policy and rates. The schedule of development charges imposed by the by-law applies to all lands within the County of Wellington.

Bylaw No. 5759-22 | Schedule of Development Charges