Financial Performance and Reports

Performance Measures

Municipal Comparative Study

The County of Wellington participates in an annual municipal comparative study compiled by Bruzzese Minshull & Associates (BMA) Management Consulting. The study is based on a survey of over 100 municipalities representing approximately 85% of Ontario's population.

The study includes important information and statistics related to socio-economic indicators, including population, assessment and income; financial indicators, including ratio analysis, reserves and debt levels; tax policies, including ratios and rates for different property types as well as information on municipal economic development programmes. It does not account for variations in service levels, methods of service delivery, and demographic differences particularly between urban and rural municipalities. BMA information is for reference purposes only, and does not include extensive notes of interpretation.

Participation in the BMA initiative has given Wellington County the ability to monitor trends in selected indicators. This allows for ongoing evaluation of the County's financial condition and its position relative to its seven member municipalities and other neighbouring municipalities.

Credit Rating 

A credit rating is an independent opinion of an issuer's financial capacity to meet its debt payment obligations. A credit rating is not an audit of an issuer, nor is the rating agency acting as a financial advisor. The investment community uses credit ratings in order to differentiate credit quality when considering various investment options. Generally speaking, the higher the credit rating, the lower the credit risk to investors and the lower interest rate the County will need to pay on debt issued.

Rating agencies examine the following factors when evaluating a municipality's credit risk:

  • Support of upper levels of government (Provincial, Federal)
  • Economy
  • Financial Management
  • Budgetary Flexibility and Performance
  • Debt Burden and Liquidity
  • Contingent Liabilities

2023 S&P Rating Update - County of Wellington*

*Please note these reports are being published under permission from Standard and Poor's (S&P). To view more research reports and credit rating analysis, please visit

Economic Profile

County Economic Development staff makes a presentation to Standard and Poor's annually on the state of the local economy. This information is useful to investors and includes:

  • Economic Development Activities
  • Demographic Overview - including population and household income data.
  • Local Economy - including labour force, unemployment rates and sector profiles.
  • Top Employers
  • County and Local Municipal Investments
  • Local Development, Business Activity and Results

2023 County of Wellington Economic Profile