The first roundabout in the County of Wellington was constructed in 2009 in the Village of Elora at the intersection of Metcalfe Street (WR21) and McNab Street. The County has constructed roundabouts at a number of locations throughout the County network and has plans to upgrade other intersections in the future. These circular intersections improve road safety and help improve air quality by eliminating unnecessary stops and idling.

Here are nine tips on how manoeuvre around a Roundabout:

  1. Slow down when approaching a roundabout.
  2. Keep right of "splitter island".
  3. Choose the correct entry lane.
  4. Observe the crosswalk and yield to pedestrians.
  5. Move to the yield line and wait for a gap in traffic before entering the roundabout. Yield to all traffic (including cyclists), regardless of their position.
  6. Do not enter beside someone already in the roundabout because they may be exiting. Drivers in the roundabout have the right-of-way.
  7. Within the roundabout always travel counterclockwise and do not stop as you have the right-of-way over entering traffic.
  8. Do not pass other vehicles in the roundabout and give large vehicles extra space.
  9. As you approach your desired exit, use you right turn signal and take the exit while maintaining a slow speed.

The Region of Waterloo has implemented many roundabouts as part of their road network and their website includes more general information on roundabouts. We encourage you to visit their web site.

Instructional videos: How to Safely Use Roundabouts

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For a more in-depth video watch the Region of Waterloo's video called How the heck do you drive in a roundabout?!


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